Dahdaleh Institute providing leadership in a COVID-19 world and planning for a better tomorrow

Dahdaleh Institute providing leadership in a COVID-19 world and planning for a better tomorrow

When York established the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research in 2015, alumnus and donor Victor Dahdaleh was excited by the possibilities and hoped that his support would help York accomplish great things.

Since then, the Dahdaleh Institute has grown in prominence quickly as it focuses on important research around humanitarianism, planetary health, and modeling the world we need for a prosperous future.

“I never imagined the role we’d play in 2020,” said Dahdaleh. “Today, as the world responds to the challenges imposed by COVID-19, the Dahdaleh Institute and its team have quickly become a trusted resource and a key partner in our collective response to the crisis.”

Dr. James Orbinski is the inaugural Director of the Dahdaleh Institute. Throughout this pandemic, he has emerged as a calm and reassuring voice.

A medical doctor and a leading scholar in global health, Dr. Orbinski worked with Ph.D Candidate Aria Ahmed to develop the COVID-19 Global Health Portal, a critical online resource.

This valuable portal provides readers with up to date information and data interpretation that’s easy to understand. This reflects the work of an incredible team of scientists publishing COVID-19 research.

Dr. Rhonda L. Lenton, President and Vice-Chancellor, noted that this work is an example of the importance of the Dahdaleh Institute to York University. “This portal and all of the work of the colleagues at the Dahdaleh Institute provide a major contribution to the role that York is playing in the response and recovery efforts during the COVID-19 global pandemic,” said Lenton. “We are so grateful for the support of Victor Dahdaleh and the support of all of our donors.”

Recently, the Victor Dahdaleh Foundation responded quickly to the urgent need students are experiencing in the wake of the pandemic by contributing $150,000 towards the York University Emergency COVID-19 Student Relief Fund as a match to encourage others to give.

“Students must be supported through this crisis. More now than ever, today’s students must complete their education to become tomorrow’s leaders,” said Dahdaleh.

Friends of York are pulling together to make sure that no student is without a place to go, food to eat, or is forced to make a decision that could undermine their future.

Learn more about emergency support for York students and how you can help: York University Emergency Covid-19 Student Relief Fund.